Saturday, November 27, 2010

Update on thanksgiving

So how did everyone do with keeping some of the tips for Thanksgiving dinner? I stuck with about 3 of them. I drank lots of water throughout the day, ate lots of veggies and turkey and didn't really snack to much besides some olives. I definitely ate to much food  (potatoes and rolls for sure) and I didn't take a walk before or after dinner. One thing I should've added to my first post was to take smaller portions at dinner-time and come back for seconds if you're still hungry, that way you don't end up with half a plate full of food that ends up getting thrown out or even worse eaten just because it's there. Now that thanksgiving is over I will be trying to get back into a routine of exercising, eating healthier and trying to get my acne back under control (I tend to have break-outs when I eat sweets.)  Hope you had a great thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Its Thanksgiving and I really have so much to be thankful for(Family, God's love, friends...)
With the large amount of food that comes with the thanksgiving meal, its almost a given that we over eat. Something we are learning to do is practice the 80/20 rule, which means 80% of the time we eat healthy and 20 % of the time do what you want to do (within moderation) This is hard for our family because most of us consider ourselves "Food Divas" meaning, we love good food and lots of it. let thanksgiving be your 20%, enjoy the blessings of food,family, and friends and most importantly give God the thanks for all of it.

5 tips that may help throughout the day:

1. Drink lots of water throughout the day and a full glass before you eat
2. Take a walk before & after you eat (Don't forget the dog!) 
3. Play games, connect with loved ones maybe a game of  twister or the Wii
4. Limit snacking  
5. Eat more protein & veggies, less potatoes, bread, & sweets 

Have a great Thanksgiving!
 ♥ Cameron Ashleigh