Saturday, August 20, 2011


  Hey Guys! Can you believe its august already?!  I'm sorry I haven"t post in a while, the reason for this is my mom had surgery a few weeks back, it was an extremely painful surgery so she was on bed rest for a while, but with my mom in the hospital my whole family had to get on board and help out because as some of you  know I come from a large family of 10 so trying to run a house with that many people going in different directions can be pretty hectic, my dad stayed in the hospital with  my mom to help her out, so me and my older sister watched the younger kids, but 6 of them got sick with fevers,infections and some were puking, my 13 yr old sister got the worse of the sickness, she had 4 different infections, lung, ear, eye, and throat, pretty bad, So make sure you guys are taking your vitamins ( especially vit C it helps keep sickness at bay)  so for about 3 days we took care of them and stayed up sometimes past 1 with them, until my parents got home, But now about 4 weeks after the surgery my mom is almost done with her recovery time (6weeks) she is still in a lot of pain, especially lately but she has starting driving again, but she's not suppose to lift anything over 5 lb which is actually harder then you might think, but because she was feeling a little  better we went to the coast for 2 days and stayed at a friend's beach house and even though the water was FREEZING  I got in and tried to boogie board, its was lots of fun but kinda hard at first hard! but now that summer is almost over its time to go back to work, yard work, house cleaning and easing back in to school soon (gahh!) My older sister just got a job at Salvation Army  but she also cleans houses and is a self employed photographer who is trying to start her own business,here's her blog (http://lindsayfrostphotography.blogspot.... ) check it out its pretty cool.

Let me know if there is anything you'd like me to do a post on!
Have a amazing summer!
xoxo Cameron Ashleigh