Saturday, March 26, 2011

12 ways to stop overeating.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend, at Thanksgiving I talked about overeating and now that we're past the holidays I wanted to retouch on the subject.One thing my family has been working on is portion control. I've noticed how easy it is to polish off a bag of chips when you have the full bag sitting in your lap or eating another piece of cake when its just sitting out which can be disastrous to a healthy lifestyle. So we've been looking at the weight watchers point system and my mom found this article that I thought was worthy of posting. Its a good encouragement to watch my portion control and to look at why I'm eating and what I'm eating.       
                      12 ways to stop over eating.
"All-or-nothing" thinking doesn't help. People who overeat often feel out of control and disgusted with themselves. It becomes a vicious cycle, leading to low self-esteem and even more eating.
To regain control of your eating habits, ask yourself why you overeat. Is it your way of coping with stressful events? Has gorging on "forbidden" treats become a substitute for other pleasures lacking in your life? Do you use food to soothe, distract or reward yourself?
Breaking It Down
Once you've identified trigger factors, work out other ways to address them. Don't beat yourself up with every little lapse. Instead, focus on positive things you can do to replace or avoid overeating. Pay attention to how you feel when you eat certain foods; you'll start to notice patterns emerging (eating after a family argument, for example, or when you're bored, lonely or disappointed). Consider alternative ways to lift your mood when the urge threatens. Perhaps call a friend, go for a walk or see a movie.
Breaking the Habit
Here are some tips for winning the battle:
  1. Take it slow. Crash dieting is more likely to end in losing control than a slow, steady loss of a pound or two each week.
  2. Don't cheat yourself! Eat a sensible amount of food each day.
  3. Allow occasional treats. If you don't totally cut out "forbidden" foods (such as those donuts that you love), you're more likely to stay on track, because deprivation often leads to overeating. Opt for low-fat versions of favorite foods.
  4. Reward yourself for every win — how about a bath or a walk just to enjoy a sunset rather than a reward consisting of junk food.
  5. Plan ahead to stay in control. Facing a big test or other ordeal that you fear will send you straight to the cookie jar? Try to keep healthy snacks around to nibble on instead, and exercise to offset your munching — and calm you down, too!
  6. Share your feelings — sad, bad or otherwise — with family or friends.
  7. Seek support from others trying to lose weight — family, friends or online buddies. They're there to help, and want to see you succeed.

  8. Look to calming alternatives if stress is your trigger. Anything from deep breathing to yoga to arts and crafts could help. And don't forget: Exercise is a great tranquillizer. (It also reduces your appetite!)
  9. Count to ten. Is overeating your way of coping with anger? Consider other ways of dealing with negative emotions, such as learning assertiveness techniques.
  10. Find other ways to fill the void. If you typically overeat when you're looking for emotional nourishment; stop. Feed your spirit by caring for yourself as well as you can during times when you feel unloved, under-appreciated or unworthy. Be your own biggest fan and try to focus on your successes, not to the occasional lapse.
  11. Be patient and forgiving of yourself. Long-established complex habits won't change overnight.
  12. Avoid all-or-nothing thinking, such as "I've already blown my weight loss plan, I might as well finish off the box." Accept that you may go off the rails from time to time. So you've lost six pounds and regained three? It's important to congratulate yourself for the pounds that you lost. You're doing a great job!
Hope this was an encouragement to you too! I'd love to hear your feed back!
Cameron Ashleigh

    Tuesday, March 22, 2011


    How was everyone's week? Mine was fantastic and St Paddy's day was fun! We made smoky mashed potatoes, corned beef, carrots,cabbage, homemade rolls and shamrock cookies Yum! What did you do for St Patricks day? Well I wanted to do post on my favorite piece of make up, Mascara! If I had the choice  between lipgloss, blush, eyeliner and mascara it'd definitely be mascara ( Lip gloss would be 2nd) I'm sure alot of you out there would agree, but finding a good mascara is a whole lot harder then it sounds, they all have there pros and cons but I'd have to say Lancome's mascara is the best I've ever tried, only problem with  it is its $28 and if you're like me you really don't have that much money to spend on mascara  so I was trying to find a mascara that was similar to Lancome but not as expensive and I have to say that CoverGirl's LashBlast Volume Blasting Mascara  is the best one I've tried thats under $6.

     So as you know I really like Lancome's mascara, It goes on and comes off easy, it didn't flake, and it volumizes and lengthens really well! I felt like I had control of the brush and it was easy to work with.



      The Falsie is a decent mascara for giving length, but if your someone who likes to put on two coats then I wouldn't suggest this, I had a bit of trouble with it clumpy on me, thats why I don't care for The Falsie.  The brush isn't very stable, so I had trouble controlling it and doing my lower lashes.


    CoverGirl's LashBlast Fusion Mascara is probably my lease  favorite of all four, it didn't go on very easy and it took quite a few coats to get it to look nice, its a good mascara it you need some volume, but not length. Towards the end of the day it began to flake pretty bad. I'd have to say I was a bit disappointed by CoverGirl I was looking forward to using this and it didn't turn out as good as I thought it.

     Cover girl's LashBlast Volume blasting Mascara is really a great mascara! I did have to use more strokes to get the look I was wanting, but if I can save $22 by using more strokes then I will. I was very happy with this mascara, it volumizes and lengthened, I love when I find
     something thats not as expensive but works well.


    Whats your favorite mascara brand that you use?
    Cameron Ashleigh

    Tuesday, March 15, 2011


    Mallory (my younger sister) and I have been working for about 3 months to memorize 3 song, 4 major scales,4 minors scales and some other technique that would come with the level we were doing ( I did level 4 and Mallory did level 3)So on Saturday, Mallory and me went to play the songs we had memorized and all the technique for a very kind lady who was to determine if we would go to the next level of piano or not (yes really nerve racking in the beginning)  I was so relived to find this woman was such a dear and even let us have a treat afterwards, It made the whole process go so much smoother. And yes, we passed! now I'm moving on to level 5 and Mallory level 4. Now we've got to start preparing for the next one in Fall. I think I've been playing for 8 or 7 years, can't really remember though haha. Anyone else out there play any instruments? What kind do you play?

     I  haven't painted my nails for a long time decided and I thought" If I'm going to be playing the piano I might as well have nice looking nails.I chose the color blue and I'm quite happy with my choice. 

                                                                 My outfit.

                                                                WhooHoo! I passed!

    Cameron Ashleigh


    Thursday, March 10, 2011

    Got my Braces off!

    I just got my braces off yesterday! I'm so thankful that I'm done with them! I had them on about two years and I have an older sister who's out of braces and two younger sisters who are still in them. Now I just got to work on smiling without braces, its actually kinda hard :) Thank you mom and dad!I love the way my teeth look!