Saturday, February 19, 2011


Hi everyone! How was your Valentines day?We celebrated a little bit early because some of us would be babysitting that day and  it seemed that someone always had somewhere to go,( If you wanna know more of what we kinda did check out my parent's blog ) So Mallory my younger sister decided to make a red velvet cake for the first time which we ate on Sunday, and it turned out great! She put a lot of work in to it to make it look nice,
So I enjoyed it and made sure I was using the 80/20 rule (trying to eat better 80% of the time and the 20% means go ahead and enjoy that piece of cake)
Well I thought it'd be great to get caught up on what I've been doing lately, which is training my sisters Lindsay (17) and Mallory(14) and helping them get  into shape. My mom had this idea of me trying to write an exercise routine for them, so after some study I started working on a exercise routine when I realized that I would need to make sure it would work for them because one sister is smaller framed, doesn't like to exercise and needs to build muscle and endurance, Lindsay is strong and averaged sized, but trying to get a more lean form, now both of them do not like to exercise and do not like to be pushed and worked hard so I knew that it would have to be short because they would have trouble sticking with me and would end up losing interest after a while. Basically what I did for them was the same except I made Lindsay do a few more reps on certain exercises, and Mallory less reps on others.

So for warm up:

15 Jumping jacks 3 reps
next I go into:

Wall sits for 30 seconds 3 reps
Squats w/ 10lb kettle ball
10 push ups (Mallory does 8 girl style push ups)
Standing triceps kick backs(or because they were having a hard time with these, I switched them to tricep dips)
 Make sure not to use to heavy of weigh, about  2 to 5lb
Bicep curls - Alternating Arms 30 seconds (make sure to really squeeze the muscle and concentrate on holding it)
Up right rows 30 seconds
Plank 30 seconds 3 reps (concentrate on really using your core muscle for this exercise)
Bicycle 30 seconds 3 reps
Mason twist 40 seconds

Cool down:
Cobra or Upward dog 30 seconds
Childs pose hold 30 seconds

 So after about a 20 minute weight training workout
 they would do 20+ minutes of Cardio (running, exercise bike, ect.)
P.s. I've been doing about the same thing 20 minutes of weight training and then 20+ min of Cardio
xoxo Cameron Ashleigh