Monday, November 21, 2011

Kiehl's Face wash!

First off I gotta say I love Kiehls! I haven't tried to many of their products but the products I have tried I have been very pleased with, about a week ago I bought one of their skin care systems for drier skin and I absolutely love it!  To save myself some money ,I was buying my face care products from my local drugstore (cleanser, toner, lotion spot treatment and makeup remover) which isn't a bad thing at all, there are some really great products out there! The only problem is that as a lifeguard and swim instructor I'm in the chlorine water 2-3 times a week and my skin was getting eaten alive and over the counter products just weren't cutting it for me also I was being rather sloppy with caring for my face, I was doing a bad job of taking off my makeup up at night, skipping washing my face just because I wasn't wearing makeup that day)and  I have to say probably my biggest mistake was not putting a moisturizer on at night because I thought my face didn't need it! boy, did I learn that lesson that hard way! my skin was so dry that a makeup artist who was doing my makeup, mention to me how dry my face felt .

                                 Kiehl's Cleanser, $18.00
                                Kiehl's  Moisturizer $16.00                                     
                                Kiehl's Toner   $16.00
                                MAC Makeup wipes $28.00 for 100 sheets
                              Total $78.00

                       Toner helps to pick up whatever your cleanser might have missed and leaves your skin feeling fresh and clean!

                               This has got to be the best moisturizer I have ever tried!! The first night I used it my family members saw a difference, I absolutely loveee it! I was a little doubtful at first if it was going to be enough of a moisturizer so I only got 2.5 oz (for $16,00) of it instead of the bigger size which I kinda regret because its such a wonderful product! I highly recommend it especially if your face tends to be a little dry!

                        The cleanser cleans my skin well and clears my face of any make up leaving my face feeling so much cleaner and softer!

                                     Love these wipes! they remove make up so easily, its like a dream come true!

Heres some tips for taking care of your face...

  • Wash your face: twice a day (morning/evening),

  • Skin cleansers: use gentle cleanser to not irritate your skin,

  • Skin toners: are refreshing but not needed by normal skin type, avoid toners with alcohol,


  • Skin moisturizers: helps to maintain proper hydration, excellent if contains sunblock of at least SPF 15, use skin moisturizers in winter

  • Drink water: plenty of water helps keep body hydrated,

  • Healthy diet: Eating healthy can really affect your skin, I know when I fall off the track and eat rough for a couple of days my skin can suffer from it,  causing you to be pron to breakouts and  also eating healthy helps to provide important vitamins for your body and skin that you need.

  • xoxo
    Cameron Ashleigh