Sunday, October 30, 2011

Surviving Halloween

Hey Guys! So Halloween is just around the corner, and I bet most of you are excited for it, Now when I hear Halloween I think "CANDY!"  ( now be honest, I'm sure some of you agree) But its true, around Halloween there are more sweets available and the temptations are bigger, but here are some tips from weight watchers I found that will help out...

"Its hard enough to avoid eating to many sweets but when you have bowls of candy sitting out in front of you its rather difficult to not indulge in all the candy, The occasional indulgence is OK, but eating too many of these little treats can add up to weight gain.
Luckily, we have a few tricks for how to handle Halloween treats. Next time you pass a jar of candy, it won't be scary!

1. Indulge in moderation
A snack- or fun-size chocolate bar (the usual trick-or-treat booty) typically has about 100 calories, which is a sensible treat. However, eating multiple fun-size bars on a regular basis can lead to lots of extra calories. Choose wisely, watch your portions and not overdo it.
2. Keep count
Studies show that diners at barbecue joints tend to eat more wings when waitresses continually take away their bones, says Dawn Jackson, RD, nutrition and exercise specialist for the Wellness Institute at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. There's no reason to think that those mini-Butterfingers are any different. So while it's tempting to toss the wrapper as soon as you pop one in your mouth, keep the evidence on your desk as a visual tally.
3. Make a smarter choice
If you know that there's no chance you'll nibble a couple of Starbursts without tearing through the whole pack, it may be best to avoid them altogether. Steel yourself against temptation by pulling out a guilt-free snack you brought from home while everyone's flocking to the treat table, says Leslie Bonci, nutritionist at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. Fruit cups, Jell-O cups, meringue cookies and light hot chocolate are all sweet and satisfying alternatives.
4. Don't throw in the towel
We've all been there. You start the workday with a virtuous egg-white-and-veggie omelet and maintain monk-like self-control until your office manager hauls out a small truckload of mini-Mars bars at 4 p.m. You figure your diet is ruined for the day, and next thing you know you're in a booth at the burger joint inhaling a double cheeseburger dinner. "The all-or-nothing mentality is what hurts people the most," says Jackson. "If I buy a dozen eggs and I break one, I clean the broken egg up and get on with my day. I don't break the 11 other eggs!"
5. Rate your hunger
"At 3 p.m., often we don't really want to eat, we just need a drink of water and a breath of fresh air," says Jackson. Listen to your body, and then follow its prompts. If all you want is a little reward for finally finishing the report you've been slaving over, instead of making a self-congratulatory trip to the treat table, go for the grown-up equivalent of a "gold star" and splurge on a new CD, book or DVD. Find something you can look forward to enjoying after work.
6. Enlist reinforcements
"No man or woman is an island," says Jackson. So decide with your coworkers to put the candy in an opaque container in the kitchenette this year — out of sight, out of mind. Or, Bonci suggests, rally the team to pool a couple of bucks a week from everyone for the month of October. Invest in fresh flowers or a Halloween happy hour instead of candy."

Hope these tips help!

Cameron Ashleigh

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sweet 16 here I come!

So as some as you might know I've been working as a lifeguard and swim instructor and I had worked really hard all summer and saved up lots of money!  so I decided that for my 16th birthday I wanted to go to New York City!I had been talking all summer about going to NY for my 16th but I wasn't really looking at airline prices or anything until I realized I had less then a month before the dreary, cold, weather would come, So with a little over three weeks notice I bought a ticket with the money I had earned, I packed my bags and was off, first time being gone that long from my parents, first time ever ridding on an airplane and first time ever going to NY, and I felt rather grown up as I boarded my plane. The first flight was awesome, I had never seen Portland from 2000 ft up in the air, it was an amazing sight! The clouds were gorgeous! They looked like big clumps of cotton!   

 I had a 3 hour flight into Kansas city and once I got into Kansas city I had a 4 hour layover, Yes I sat in the airport for 4 whole hours doing nothing, I almost went crazy! once that horrible wait was over I boarded my next plane and made one more stop in St Louis and then was one my way in to Newark NJ where my aunt and uncle was waiting for me and drove me home

I was pretty sneaky and no one saw me taking this picture! (:

Now the  family who I was staying with is more like a second family to me then friends  I call them aunt and uncle and  they had 3 boys, They were amazing! I had a lot of fun with them, They actually put up with me for 2 whole weeks and showed me all around nyc!

My first couple of days there it poured!  of course they made a joke of it  and said I had brought the rain with me, but rain or shine they wanted to show me times square so in the pouring rain with lots of umbrellas and jackets, we started the walk though times square, there were some pretty crazy people one guy was trying to give out free hugs, and some people were handing out big candy bars and of course we had to make a couple of rounds ( I got 8 candy bars by myself) all together we got 30, it made  pretty good loot (:

                                       ohh the buildings...they were a sight!

                                Not all of Ny is build up, by seaport there were brick roads!

                                             Lots of bridges in New York

                                         And yes, there were a lot of yellow taxi's

I rode the subway for the first time! 

                              and I also went to Hawaii! No I'm kiddin, this was the beautiful Jersey Shores 

 While I was in NY I got in touch with my dad's side of the family that lives up there, now I hadn't seen any of them since I was at least 5 and I didn't really remember them but they all remembered me! My aunt and uncle brought my all the way over to Washington DC  and spent the day getting to know me better, I got to go on top of those big touring buses which was awesome!! I've always wanted to go on top of one! It was super cool getting to know my dad"s side of the family, I defiantly had a lot of fun! 
                                       Me, in front of the White house

                                                         A fancy museum( that I didn't get the name of )

                                        Yes I got to go on top of the bus!!

                                             The white house!

 Thank you Aunt Marie, Uncle Vito, Aunt Betty and Uncle Frank!! I enjoyed getting to know you!

                                           Me in front of Rockefeller Center(:
                                                                    Jersey Shore!

Some pretty cool people (:

I defiantly had a ton of fun while I was in NY, I got to meet new people, see new places and  learn         new things, but now I'm back home in good old Portland Oregon.... trying to get back into school, work  and also trying to eat better, exercise and get my self back into shape so stay tune for tips on  eating better and exercising !!

Cameron Ashleigh