Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Mallory (my younger sister) and I have been working for about 3 months to memorize 3 song, 4 major scales,4 minors scales and some other technique that would come with the level we were doing ( I did level 4 and Mallory did level 3)So on Saturday, Mallory and me went to play the songs we had memorized and all the technique for a very kind lady who was to determine if we would go to the next level of piano or not (yes really nerve racking in the beginning)  I was so relived to find this woman was such a dear and even let us have a treat afterwards, It made the whole process go so much smoother. And yes, we passed! now I'm moving on to level 5 and Mallory level 4. Now we've got to start preparing for the next one in Fall. I think I've been playing for 8 or 7 years, can't really remember though haha. Anyone else out there play any instruments? What kind do you play?

 I  haven't painted my nails for a long time decided and I thought" If I'm going to be playing the piano I might as well have nice looking nails.I chose the color blue and I'm quite happy with my choice. 

                                                             My outfit.

                                                            WhooHoo! I passed!

Cameron Ashleigh



  1. Congrats on passing! I play the piano and the flute.

  2. I really like your outfit :)
    I play the recorder and was trying to teach myself piano but...it hasn't gotten that far.

  3. congrats girl! i've been playing the electone for about 14 years now and it's such a great feeling everytime i pass an exam, so i totally know how you feel! whoo!

  4. Congratulations sweetie!
    You look so happy.

  5. Thank you dearies! There are some pretty awesome instruments out there :)

  6. Massive congratulations! You should be really prou dof yourself :)xx

  7. congrats! and i love love your outfit and the design of your blog! new follower :)

  8. your so pretty even though i haven't met you i can tell your really nice