Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Getting fit again

Happy New Year! I had a great Christmas and I hope you did too! With the new year here, its a perfect time to take a look at your personal health and fitness routine. With the holidays comes great food, yummy sweets and a busier schedule which doesn't leave as much time for exercise,which results in eating to much food and because of the cold weather I've become rather lazy, so with not exercising and eating more food than normal. I've noticed I've gotten weaker and have lost muscle. Now its the middle of January and I'm trying to move in the direction of becoming more fit, toned, and building more muscle(and hopefully losing the couple of pounds that I gained from Christmas!) But honestly who really wants to get up and move when it cold and wet outside?And I find it can be hard to motivate myself. My mom and I are both" all-or- none" girls,so we have a hard time just doing a couple of push ups and being satisfied but having that mind set isn't always good because I'm tending to do nothing as of right now instead of something. For the past two days I've started running again, doing different types of push ups, Plank, Lifting light weights,jumping on my moms mini trampoline and playing the Wii. Today my mom decided she wanted us to clean up the garage and finish putting together the weight bench that is out in our garage, so for about a hour, my brothers and I cleaned weights, vacuumed the garage, and put together our weight bench,

 now that its all done it'll be nice to be able to use clean equipment thats all put together. I know how hard it is to get back to exercising and also eating better but it does pay off. Make sure your drinking lots of water, it will help you achieve your goal, April, a personal trainer that we know said " Take your weight and divide it by 2, thats how many ounces of water you should be drinking. Drinking  water can speed up your metabolism by 30%." We put the amount of water we need to drink into a separate pitcher in the fridge that way we know for sure that we are drinking the right amount of water, its also nice to add some freshly sliced fruit to it.We add a few lemon slices or orange slices or squeeze a lime into the water.

 Along with drinking water it is important to keep moving, even if its only to chase after a younger sibling(which is a great way to get moving by the way) Another great exercise that I made into a game with my four younger brothers and one younger sister is to chase each other up and down the stairs as fast as you can until you drop down tired, Its a awesome cardio workout and it gets your heart rate up very fast and you get to have a little fun with someone. Another tip to keep in mind is adding a new activity or exercise to your schedule every week and sticking to it for at least a week,as I was mentioning above, it can be hard to get back into a routine, look at your exercise routine and see where you can switch things around or add something new so you don't get bored, I've had better success with achieving a goal by sticking with an exercise for a week and then switching it.

Go for it!
Cameron Ashleigh


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