Thursday, December 9, 2010

New addition to the family!

Yes indeed! an adorable addition to the family! My mom has been looking for a black purse for a few months now, checking T.J.Maxx, Ross, Nordstroms, and  Nordstroms rack, and they've all either been too expensive or not what she wanted and my mom, (being rather fickle) doesn't want to pay a lot of money for a purse and then end up getting tired of it after a few months. One night my parents had to run some errands and they stopped at T.J.Maxx's and found a beautiful black Kathy Van Zeeland purse that had everything she was looking for, (all the charms that a purse needs, shiny black, with rhinestones and a charm hanging off of it) and it was under 50 bucks. She was afraid it looked a little to young for her but when they brought it home and showed it to me and my sisters, we instantly fell in love with it and went right to work convincing her it was gorgeous and looked perfect for her (and of course after she gets tired of it, we get to use it, so we had to make sure she kept it) It's black, it's big, its a decent brand name thats fairly inexpensive,has an adorable charm, some sparkles and rhinestones, perfect for a casual night out or just running errands, but either way it's cute. My mom has a couple of Kathy Van Zeeland purses and she likes them because they tend to be trendy but not that expensive. A saying that the girls in our house use is "A girl can never have to much sparkles" and I think it's true, I absolutely LOVE sparkles and rhinestones. I love this purse, but I'll love it even more when its mine.  :)

                                                         The charm is a chain of black hearts and
                                                         there are little rhinestones on the front of it.

                                                     $49.99 Kathy Van Zeeland T.J.Maxx 

                                                                        All photo credit goes to Lindsay Frost


  1. That purse is adorable! I love it!

    -aBBi giRL

  2. @Abbigayle I know! I love it!

    @Alien Thanks dearie!